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We scan each player’s Social Club stats once a day, usually between 4AM and 6AM PST.

We only scan players that are in our database. Players are added to our database by requesting to be added from the Contact Us page.

We can track multiple characters per player, but we only scan your stats once a day, so the character that will be recorded that day is normally the last character that was active. Unfortunately we can’t tell the Social Club what player and character we would like to get stats for, we can only request by player.

We are not utilizing anything that is not available to anyone viewing the Social Club stats pages.

At any time, Rockstar could change things up to make the data acquisition easier or harder. If they do so, we will re-evaluate our functionality at that time.

We are huge Rockstar fans.

We only need your member name, we do not need anything else, therefore your Social Club should remain secure.


We’ve been interested in our performance from day to day. Example 1) Today I spent quite a bit of time in free roam and my Kill/Death ratio had to be pretty good, along with my accuracy. Example 2) Yesterday I raced quite a bit and feel I earned good amounts of RP and Cash along with the wins, and of course I must have driven a lot of miles. Example 3) I was on a crime spree yesterday, how many stores did I rob and vehicles did I steal and sell, and how much did I get paid? Example 4) I earned quite a bit of money yesterday, I wonder how that day stacks up compared to other players best days?

Recording your stats every 24 hours gives players the ability to analyze themselves over a period of time, whether it be one day, two days, a week or a month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I searched for myself and it said it could not find me?
A: You need to request your Social Club account to be tracked by using the Contact Us form.

Q: I requested to be tracked and I can't find myself?
A: You won't find yourself until we do our daily scan, so if it's after 6:00 AM PST, you probably won't show up until the following day.

Q: Why is a certain player listed twice in the leaderboards?
A: Because they have 2 characters under their player profile and we are still working the way some of the data/results are displayed. We can assure you the data is seperate for each character under each player though.

Q: It would be really cool if you could take this stat and multiply/divide it by another stat or combine this group?
A: We are totally open to any suggestions on any calculations on the fields that we have.

Q: Why is the layout so unfriendly?
A: Our strong suit is not user interfaces unfortunately, but we are open to displaying the data in additional/different ways.

Q: Why is the information in my signature image old?
A: Because we scan your Social Club data once a day, normally between 4am and 6am Pacific time. The player image, however, is updated if it's older than 3 hours.

Q: I've got both consoles connected to my Social Club account, can you track that?
A: Yes we can, you need to let us know that account is active on both consoles otherwise we'll just scan the first one we see.