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Scanning Suspended Today (Updated)  Oct 15 2014

Social Club is being 'difficult', will resume normal scanning Tomorrow.

Update: Well, after further review, it looks like R* has made some changes that effectively stop us from collecting the info we need. At this point and time, all scanning is suspended indefinitely.

Site Speed Award Leaderboards  Jul 28 2014

I reworked the Award Leaderboads so they should be noticeably faster, if you see anything out of the ordinary, please let me know.

Site Speed  Jul 26 2014

Have been doing some work on the speed of the site, on your end mainly the leaderboards, on my end mainly the scanning. If you see anything weird, please let me know. If the leaderboards work out, I'll redo the Award and Monthly leaderboards the same way.

Cheaters?  Jul 15 2014

Check out this post and leave feedback there or here if you wish.

Site Status  Jul 05 2014

Just to bring everyone up to speed on the status of the site, there is no "we" here, it's just me. I wanted to give the impression there was a team or a group of people working on the site, not sure why though.

Anyway, I've managed to reduce the cost of the site by 75% over the last month at it's current scale (3.3k users). The donations over the last couple of months are greatly appreciated as the ads still don't cover the cost, but going forward now makes it a lot less painful.

Still have quite a few features yet to implement, if you have anything you want to see, drop me a line here or on the forums.

New Weapons (Again)  Jul 01 2014

The "Musket" and "Firework Launcher" kills will start to be tracked with Tomorrow's scan (Jul 02 2014).

New Weapons  Jun 17 2014

The "Vintage Pistol" and "Antique Cavalry Dagger" kills will start to be tracked with Tomorrow's scan (Jun 18 2014).

Scanning/Updating Resumed  Jun 13 2014

We've resumed scanning and updating the stats from the Social Club with the new "rounded/shortened" numbers. We tried asking R* to see what they were going to do about it, if anything, but as usual no response.

We don't (seemingly) have a lot of days left, so we're trying to make them count. No donations so far this month and Ad revenue hovering around $0.30 per day is not looking good.

P.S. We optimized quite a few items on the site, hope you enjoy the new speed.

Social Club Changes (Updated)  Jun 11 2014

Mainly to do with numbers, R* has now decided (for unknown reasons) to round off statistics like 19,332 to 19.3K or in the case of RP for example, 12.5M instead of 12,522,473.

This gives all of the statistics a "fuzzy" feeling (in our opinion) and leaves us a little dissappointed. We don't really have any option but to switch to this type of display unfortunately.

Update: We have suspended scanning the Social Club statistics until R* figures out what they are doing.

Weapon Data Tracking  Jun 10 2014

Starting with Tomorrow's scan (Jun 11 2014) we will stop tracking the weapon specific data for each player. It's something we started in late April and has been one of the less popular features of the site. It takes up a large amount of space so we'll probably just leave the data we've already collected in place and just not update it any longer.

If you have any thoughts on it, let us know.

Update  May 30 2014

Well, the site made it to about 80% of it's goal for the month through donations, Thank you to all that donated. Ads filled in about 10%, leaving the site short 10%... so we (against our better judgement) put the remaining monies in and have rented the required proxy servers for the next month.

We don't foresee the few people that made really generous donations doing it on a monthly basis, but we'll see what next month holds. We haven't added any new features really, besides a better and more efficient signature delivery system, but that was more of a behind the scenes issues than anything. On the subject of new features, we have quite a few still left to implement, but unfortunately we'll probably save them for our next project (it's quickly becoming our current proejct, not GTA related).

If you have a request for anything... a stat, signature, display, whatever... let us know.

Site Update  May 16 2014

Please do not copy and paste this anywhere else, Thank you.

It's been a little over a week now since the Ads and Donations have gone "live". First we'd like to Thank those that have donated, it's very much appreciated. Month to date, with Ads and Donations combined, we are at about 32% of our goal. Here is what a progress bar would look like representing where we are and where we need to be:


We are generating about $0.50 per day in advertising which is honestly more than we thought it would generate.

Anyway, at this pace, we will fall well short of our monthly cost... we are on day 17 of 30 for the multiple proxy server extended trial.

If we end up falling short, we will refund the donations to those that did.

Update (May 22 2014): We've received a couple more donations and the ads are generating less than $0.50 a day now. We only have a few days left on this trial.


Bullpup Rifle and Mental State Skill  May 13 2014

We will start tracking the “Bullpup Rifle Kills” and “Mental State skill” starting Tomorrow (May 14th) as they were not available for this morning’s scan.

Update: After some research, we're not going to combine the "Mental State Skill" with the other skills for "Overall Skill" completion since it's not really something player's would strive to have 100% of.

The "Rescanner"  May 09 2014

With the scanner improvements working out very well, we also had the need to re-scan accounts continually throughout the day to check for correct statistics. We’ve made a page that has a current (and we mean current) list of the accounts that are not updated yet and are in the process of being “rescanned”. If you think your stats haven’t been updated or are curious to see what’s going on, head on over to rescans. When an account is successfully scanned (according to our amazing criteria :P) it is removed from the list.

We also have many theories as to the reasons the Social Club serves up incorrect stats, but we won’t get into those right now.

Donations and Ads  May 06 2014

We’ve implemented Ads and Donations, our goal is to cover the cost of the site, anything over would be carried to the next month. Hopefully this will be the solution and something we don’t have to worry about.

Scanner Improvements  May 05 2014

We’ve added some new logic to the Social Club scanner, for more info you can read about it on our forums (you don’t need to register to read) here.

New Fields and Progress  May 01 2014

Will start tracking ‘Time spent in the Creator’ and ‘Captures Published’ starting Tomorrow (May 02 2014).

Have also added Progress to the Weapon Data.

Stop updating on May 1st (Updated)  Apr 29 2014

Update: We’ve managed to extend another “Trial” of the service we need to collect the stats. We will be looking into implementing some systems to allow the costs to be covered. Thanks to everyone with the kind words if we haven’t Thanked you already.

The site will stop updating on May 1st, 2014.

While the amount of users it tracks has grown, the community has not. We’ve asked for feedback countless times and received maybe 3 or 4 emails/posts.

At the moment, we are using a “trial” service that allows for us to do our daily scan in about an hour’s time. That trial will be over in the next couple of days and will cost money, which we’ve put enough of ourselves into the site. The daily scans will then take about 4 hours minimum and get longer as we track more players.

We know we have a couple of hardcore fans out there (maybe a few, lol) and we definitely don’t want to disappoint anyone. This decision was not easy to come to, we can assure you that.

The site will remain accessible as it is for however long, just with no updated player scans or features.

Part of the decision was based off of the actual data that the Social Club serves up. Not being able to access all of the characters on an account every day is mildly frustrating. Then of course there is the accuracy of the data served up and we don’t even think Rockstar cares one way or the other about it. We’ve sent in numerous emails only to get an automated generic response or nothing at all.

We could go on and on with the reasons, but honestly how many people have read this far.

1.5 Million Signatures Served  Apr 25 2014

Wasn’t really one of our goals, but nonetheless interesting… over 1.5 million (yeah, million) signature images served up so far to several different forums and websites. Used them in an interesting way? Let us know!

Weapon Stats / Crew Updates  Apr 23 2014

We are now tracking all of the weapon data from the Social Club, we have put a button in the player profile to “Show Weapon Data”. Right now, it’s just a table of all of the player’s weapon stats (and we’ve only done 1 scan, so multiple characters aren’t recorded yet) and we are looking to add Leaderboards and Progress/Activity for them very soon.

We are also working on enhancing all of the Crew data and adding reports and leaderboards.

Bug fixed  Apr 22 2014

Fixed a bug with regards to Deathmatches Won, Lost and Played.

Thanks to Smokin_Ace_4ever for bringing that to our attention.

Forums have arrived!  Apr 16 2014

We decided to open up some forums so that we can carry on conversations easily with our users. Also feel free to do whatever you want there and if you need a home for you or your crew, let us know.

Oh yeah, they are over at

We now have a Twitter account  Apr 10 2014

Follow us on Twitter:

We will be incorporating Twitter into the entire site.

New Fields; Signature Ideas?  Mar 28 2014

Added new fields related to the “Competitive” category.

Racing, Deathmatches, Parachuting, Darts, Tennis and Golf.

Right now they are all empty (except for Racing), but will populate with Tomorrow’s scan.

Also, if you have any ideas for new signatures (using different stat fields, image backgrounds, crew info/emblem, etc), please let us know. We can probably even match a design if you have one.

New Features  Mar 23 2014

Added the ability to compare players from leaderboard/search results.

Also incorporated Award Completion/Progress into each players profile.

Let us know if you run into anything either way.

Award Leaderboards  Mar 15 2014

Added Award Leaderboards, some of the fields (Store Hold-Ups so far) seem to be different or “capped” from the actual value that is in the character’s profile. Lots of new data for players to sort through.

We are in the process of adding Award status/progress to each player, we are already collecting the data (since 3/14), just figuring out a way to display it in some logical way.

New domain, New weapons  Mar 04 2014

We’ve got a new domain name to operate under.

Added new weapons ‘Heavy Pistol’ and ‘Special Carbine’.

Added a ‘Compare Characters’ button to the player stats screen if you have more than 1 character.

More fields added  Mar 01 2014

Added more fields and redid some calculations along the character/player overall statistics.

Added ‘Overall dollars spent per second’ which calculates the overall dollars spent per second over the characters.
Added ‘Character total dollars earned’ which holds the dollars earned by that character.
Added ‘Character total dollars spent’ which holds the dollars spent by that character.
Added ‘Character dollars earned per sec’ which calculates the characters dollars earned per second.
Added ‘Character dollars spent per sec’ which calculates the characters dollars spent per second.

Ready for the new 1.11 weapons.

Daily Leaderboards  Feb 27 2014

Currently re-working the logic behind the Daily Leaderboards. Right now if a player has 2 characters and they use character 1 for a few days in a row, then switch to character 2, that would encompass more than 24 hours of gameplay on that character and that would result in the Daily Leaderboards not being accurate.

So we are thinking that if a player with 2 characters has a character that hasn’t been scanned within 24 hours from the last scan to disregard that time frame for that specific character.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions, please let us know.

Multiple characters  Feb 20 2014

We are now able to track multiple characters per player and keep them separate.

If you are a player with multiple characters, you will see a message on your stats page that you have more than one character and the ability to select the other character(s). If and when R* unlocks the other slots for characters, it should be seamless for us to track.

Career stats (overall income, kill / death ratio, etc) are a sum of all the characters for that player as that is how the Social Club shows them.

Additionally, we aren’t able to tell the Social Club which character we want the stats for, it gives us the stats for the character you last had active.

New leaderboards, fields added  Feb 13 2014

New leaderboards added; daily! Now you can see everyone’s best day statistically by whatever field you like. Right now, each day of each player is considered an entry, as we gain more players, that will probably change or make it an option.

We wish the stats from Rockstar were more dependable, but something has come up with a few of the players on here and that is multiple characters on their console. The social club stats don’t distinguish between what character slot the player is tied to, it just uses the last character played by the XBOX/PS3 account tied to it. So someone might have a character in slot 1 that is a Rank 100+ and a character in slot 2 that is just starting out or half of that. Depending on which character the player was using last is what will show up in the Social Club stats. So if we pull the stats and slot 2 is up with a Rank 20 and then the next day slot 1 is up with a rank 120, it’s going to show that the player gained 100 levels in rank along with RP and all of the other fields. Then if they go back, it will show them dropping 100 levels, etc.

We’ve examined the stats every way we know how and have not come up with a solution. Fortunately it only affects a small percent of the players, unfortunately we like to have accurate data (as we’re sure everyone does).

Also updated the test signature image with less fields and a better looking font, any input is appreciated.

Hope this post makes sense, if not, hit us up.

P.S. We’re tracking the new “Gusenberg Sweeper” also, and it’s under the SMG category.

Also added 4 fields to the “Other” category:

Dollars Earned Per Second - How much money the player is earning per second played
Race Win Success Rate - Percentage of races won
Average Number of Wanted Stars - average number of wanted stars attained each time player is wanted
Wanted Level Efficiency - What percent of the wanted stars are evaded successfully

The fields are also available in the Leaderboards, Daily Leaderboards and progress.

We realize the Dollars Earned per Second could be a little inflated for the players first scan (because of the cheating/hacking), but the progress and daily leaderboards are what should really tell the tale of that player’s earning potential.

Signature Images?  Feb 09 2014

Played around with creating an image from your stats on here and didn’t really come up with much.

If you’d like to view it, there is a link on the player’s page to show the “Signature Image”.

We’d like to make everything in it adjustable, from colors to fonts, to fields. We just threw some fields in there and am just using a basic font. To make things adjustable, we would need to have everyone create an account so you could save/set the image the way you would want it.

Don’t know if we want to go there yet or at all. Also, staying away from using images from R*, although it would make that signature look a lot better.

If you have input on the signature, please send it our way!

Update  Feb 07 2014

We’ve added in the player view the ability to specify the range of dates you want to show the activity for.

We find it very useful if you would like to see how active you’ve been in the last 24 hours or the last week or whatever range you might want to see.

Besides all of the fields that are automatically calculated, the Kill/Death Ratio, Shooting Accuracy and RP Per Sec are all calculated for the date ranges specified.

More to come, stay tuned!

It's Live!  Jan 31 2014

Our site takes a snapshot of a player’s GTA Online social club stats once a day.

The number of players this site is keeping a track of is very small and we will take requests from players to have their accounts tracked.

We aren't using any of Rockstar's images or graphics. If Rockstar doesn't like what we are doing and wants us to stop, we will. They could also block us from accessing the site, which we won't play a game of cat and mouse with either.

Plan on seeing the progress of this site evolve rapidly and suggestions are welcome.

If you encounter an error or glitch, please let us know.

Also, if you have cheated or hacked GTA please don't bother with requesting to be tracked. Right now in these 100 or so players, you can obviously see some players that have hacked or glitched. We are letting them stay for a short time to test out some functionality, but they will ultimately be removed. Anyone with out of whack RP to time played or unrealistic cash earned from Jobs/Selling Vehicles/Good Sport Reward have obviously used the tunables “hack”. People gifted money had no choice in the matter.

We will review each account before adding.

We are strong Rockstar supporters and have enjoyed many hours playing their games. We hope to only enhance that experience for you.

Have fun.